Help us achieve £300,000 fundraising target!

In 2014 Fat-Chilli exceeded their £100,000 fundraising milestone! Please help spread the word about the project to help us attain our next fundraising target, which is £300,000 (…gulp!!!!).

Join us on the Summer or Christmas fundraiser in 2016!
Fat-Chilli partners with schools and nurseries throughout the UK to offer fundraising opportunities through fun and creative art projects.

Each organisation that participates in our project receives a percentage of the project sales value in fundraising commission, and this is most often used by the organisation running the project to either purchase 'much needed' items of equipment for their setting, or is often donated to a favourite charity. As the project organiser, it’s your choice how the funds are used so the project slots seamlessly into you fundraising plans!

Funds from the project have contributed to building parking facilities, libraries, and play areas in schools and nurseries; and donations have also been made to a wide range of charities such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Comic Relief, Red White and Blue Day, and many more well-deserving charities and projects.

The Fat-Chilli Service Benefits
  • Our projects are easy to co-ordinate and operate by one member of staff
  • Receive up to 25% fundraising commission for your fundraising cause
  • No cost to participate, and a free sample card for each child’s keep box
  • Fat-Chilli welcome pack that is full of tips and ideas to ensure your project is a success
  • Fantastic eco-friendly cards and gifts to appeal to your project participants and their families
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Fundraising target tree - help us reach our target
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