Artwork Notes
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Artwork Notes

If we had only three words of advice in term of creating your artwork we would say be ‘CREATIVE, BRIGHT, and COLOURFUL!’

Artwork Quality
The quality of your artwork will have an impact on the amount of products you sell on the project, and accordingly, on how much commission your organisation may earn. So it is important to put some thought into the subject matter and techniques, and if at all possible to get the Art Teacher at your school involved, it really does make a difference.

We will also provide help and advice in our information pack
Once you have registered a project, we will send you a welcome pack that includes artwork templates. It also includes more tips and advice on producing the artwork, together with artwork ideas to use for inspiration. If you have any queries once you start, please call us, we would be happy to help!

Artwork materials to use
All of the artwork that you send to us is hand processed, so there are no restrictions on the mediums you may use. For best print results we suggest you use poster paints, roller-paint pens, pastels, felt tips, collage materials (such as cotton wool, fabric, tissue paper, coloured paper, and craft papers).

Also important: Please ensure there is a good contrast between the background colour and the artwork subject matter.

If you are creating large pieces of artwork as a class project, or if you are creating specialised artwork such as 3D pieces, we are able to process this artwork (but please contact us for more details).

Popular artwork themes include

Flowers, Animals, Sunsets, Insects, Sealife, Landscapes
Your artwork is created using our template
Top tip - Make sure there is a good contrast
Eco-friendly - Made in GB with love