Summer Card & Gift Project

Summer is a wonderful time to run the Fat-Chilli fundraising project as it provides an ideal opportunity to let your imagination run wild and get your fundraising calendar off to a warm start! This project runs from January to August.
Return artwork by 31 May
Your Summer project… in a nutshell!
Each participating child creates one piece of artwork on our template that you send off to us batched into classes (you would also enclose the children’s photos if you wish to include these on your cards). We then return a free sample card and order form for each child to enable parents to preview their child’s design, and so your participants and their family and friends may order card and gift items printed with their individual design.

Your artwork return dates
Artwork is returned to us between 15 January and 31 May. We recommend that you aim to return you Summer artwork (and photos if including) by 15-20th May if you wish to receive your orders by the end of the summer term. It takes approximately 5-6 weeks to complete the project from our receipt of your artwork. The 31 May is the deadline date for returning artwork on this project for deliveries by the end of June.

Diary dates for the Summer project 2015:
Birthday Cards/General Cards / Thank you Cards – return artwork 15 January to 31 May
Easter (Sunday 5 April 2015) – return artwork by the 15 March
Father’s Day (Sunday 21 June 2015) – return artwork by the 30 April

Diary dates for the Summer project 2016:
Birthday Cards/General Cards / Thank you Cards – return artwork 15 January to 31 May
Mother’s Day (Sunday 6 March 2016) – return artwork by 15 February
Easter (Sunday 27 March 2016) – return artwork by the 31 Feb
Father’s Day (Sunday 19 June 2016) – return artwork by the 30 April

Flexible ordering methods to suit your PTA / School
Generally return their order forms and payments (cheques made payable to Fat-Chilli) to you by your ‘order deadline date’ and you would send these off to us. We would process the orders and return the deliveries to your organisation by free courier service for distribution. Parents may order online up to 31 November, and all Internet orders are sent direct to parent homes, and the Internet orders are automatically added to your account.

We are also able to set up the project so that you accept the payments and bank the cash if preferred.

Artwork themes
At this time of year the majority of children produce artwork on general themes such as flowers, animals, landscapes, self-portraits and family portraits, cupcakes, in fact, any theme that is bright, pretty and appealing. A the cards are blank inside the cards will then be multi-purpose and suited to most occasions. To register your interest / book a project

If you wish to book a project or learn more about the project, please complete the booking form so we know a little bit about you and we can then contact you and provide further information, or call us on 01422 373879 for a chat in more detail.

Free welcome project pack upon registration
Once you have registered a project we will send you a free project welcome pack that contains all the information you will need to run the project and guarantee it is a success. We will also make available a range of artwork ideas and templates to use, or simply to refer to for inspiration.

butterfly caterpillar ladybird lamb lillies in the style of Monet melon rainbow snail spring tree strawberry
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