How it works

There are four simple steps involved in running the project.

STEP 1: Register / Book a Project
It’s free to register. Complete the online registration form, or call us on 01422 373879 for a chat in more detail.

There are FREE project resources in your postal and online welcome pack! It’s packed with tips, advice, and ideas on getting the best from the project.

STEP 2: Create your artwork
Each project participant creates their artwork upon our template and you send this off to us batched into classes.

If you wish to include the children’s photos on the backs of the cards then you would send these off to us at the same time on a CD/memory stick.

Check out our ‘Get-Arty’ Artwork gallery for inspiration.

STEP 3: We provide sample cards and order forms
We process your artwork and send you a free sample card and order form for each child. The participants, their family and friends may order cards and eleven gift items printed with their design.

See personalisation options, and the shop for more product details

STEP 4: Ordering cards and gifts
It is possible to set up the project in a flexible way to suit your organisation. Parents may order through your organisation by returning the order form and their payment, or they may order online. You then send in the orders and payments to us and we will process them for you; alternatively you may bank the cash handed in, and we can invoice you instead.

Each class creates artwork using our templates
Top Tip - Involve the art teacher
Card with penguin design
Eco-friendly - Made in GB with love